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Intercable Automotive Solutions

Intercable Automotive Solutions is an industry-leading provider of high-voltage busbars and interconnect solutions. We have a rich history of engineering innovation, from first to market technology for high-voltage busbars in 2012 to the first dedicated busbar manufacturing plant with high scale, high technology capabilities.

"E-Mobility relies on extremely powerful solutions for the battery systems of electric vehicles"

Intercable Automotive Solutions offers individual products in the field of automotive connectivity manufactured specifically according to the requirements of our customers. Our products stand out as particularly intelligent solutions for difficult environments and high load capacity.


An important component is the busbar. This is produced by Intercable Automotive Solutions with the appropriate properties according to customer requirements. Busbars are ideal for the high-voltage applications that are becoming commonplace in EVs.

A busbar is a critical piece of an EV’s electrical architecture that is highly customized and highly optimized for the very specific requirements of a particular EV model, using sophisticated computer simulation technologies and advanced manufacturing techniques.
Every application has its own requirements, and every vehicle model has its own unique electrical architecture that must be taken into account. Those factors will determine the busbar’s size and shape, the materials used, how it will terminate and how flexible it will be. They will also determine the processes used to produce the busbars at scale – and those processes must be accounted for throughout the design.

Busbars are capable of supporting the high voltages required for today’s electric vehicles, both inside of the battery pack and, increasingly, outside of it.

It is possible  crucial  important  to recognize and take advantage of opportunities!

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is not just a marketing buzzword at Intercable Automotive Solutions, it is visible in all our design and production facilities. In the future, customer orders will be entered automatically and the machinery will configure itself accordingly so that the products can be produced “just in time” with the highest quality for the customer. The vision was created by implementing lean management concepts. Despite our diverse production processes, our automation concepts are standardized. This guarantees high quality, steady and efficient production. Depending on the customer order and corresponding production volume, solutions with the most diverse automation levels can be realized. ​


Quality means clients are returning, not the goods.
The name “Intercable Automotive Solutions” stands for quality. We are always conscious of customer specifications, legal obligations, standards, requirements, as well as the sustainability of our actions and the avoidance of environmental impacts. Our employees ensure that all our products meet customer quality requirements 100%. For this purpose, our pre-series, series, metrology and laboratory departments all work together to guarantee the highest quality.


We will combine our successful past with an even more promising and sustainable future – be a part of this evolution.
Intercable Automotive Solutions, being an innovative company, is committed to the principles of sustainable entrepreneurial action – the combination of economic, ecological and social responsibility. Because sustainability stands in the core of our work and has always been an important topic. We must use our resources in such a way that they are available to future generations in the same quality and quantity.




Central EU (Brunico)

Map Brunico

46°48’03.6″N 11°55’44.4″E

0 +
  • Global headquarters
  • Global R&D technology center
  • Global advanced Quality Engineering
  • Flex-Factory (from small series to large-scale production volumes)
  • Maximum vertical integration (all technologies in place for R&D and Prototyping)


Eastern EU (Krivan)

Map Krivan

48°31’48.0″N 19°26’02.4″E

0 +
  • Eastern EU production plant
  • Specialized in the production of busbars and high voltage connection systems
  • Medium- and large-scale production volumes
Icon china


Asia (Ningbo)

Map Ningbo

29°57’10.8″N 121°28’40.8″E

0 +
  • Asian production plant
  • R&D technology center for Asia
  • Flex-Factory (from small series to large-scale production volumes)


Mexico (Saltillo)


25°26′0″N 101°0′0″W

0 +
  • Production plant with a specialization in production of busbar and hight voltage connection systems
  • Medium and high volumes

Going global with Aptiv

Intercable S.r.l. has completed the divestment of majority ownership of Intercable Automotive Solutions to Aptiv. Joining Aptiv will bring our advanced products and technologies to customers around the world by leveraging their extensive scale and global reach.

We will leverage our combined capabilities to optimize our technology solutions to enhance our industry-leading high voltage system solutions portfolio.

Homepage: www.aptiv.com

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Leadership Day

Leadership Inspiration Day 2023

Workshop at NOI Techpark Bruneck In cooperation with the Intercable group  For us as an increasingly growing company, it is particularly important that everyone pulls together and passes on this team spirit to the employees. Together with our partners from the

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Whether we are designing or producing high-voltage busbars and interconnect solutions, we always take into account the customer’s specifications, applicable legal regulations and standards, and also keep an eye on the sustainability of our actions and prevention of environmental impact.