Number 1 with APTIV

In order to roll out electromobility on a global scale, constant technical innovation is needed. Our strategic partnership with US-based APTIV technology company enables us to deliver our products and technologies worldwide both efficiently and reliably in response to our customer requirements.


As industry leaders, we’ve pooled our combined strengths, leveraging APTIV's extensive global presence to further improve and enhance our products while broadening our range of high-voltage solutions.


Leading in advanced safety technology, APTIV has helped us develop customized solutions for several vehicle categories across various markets. Our pledge: zero fatalities, and zero failures leading to injuries/accidents.


APTIV is committed to the two-fold aim of achieving automotive electrification together with CO2 emissions reduction. To support sustainability, we constantly endeavour to minimize pollution, wastage, and unnecessary water dispersion.


APTIV products provide a seamless symbiosis between the vehicle/driver. Our effective software solutions make a significant impact in connecting the world.