High volume busbar production: employing craft precision.

One of the signature products developed by Intercable Automotive Solutions are our custom made high-voltage busbars manufactured to client specifications. Busbars are essential components in electric vehicles (EVs), which are increasingly cornering the automotive market worldwide.

E-mobility of the future

A crucial element in the EV designs of tomorrow is the power rail which is customized and optimized to meet the specific requirements of a particular type of vehicle, requiring high end computer simulation and advanced manufacturing technologies.

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Tailor-made e-mobility design

Since each application has its own operating and performance criteria, every type of EV vehicle needs to be individually designed. Such factors determine the configuration (size and shape) of the busbar, the materials used, as well as its range of applications. This also determines the manufacturing processes for large volume production runs which already need to be defined at the design stage.

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The key role of busbars

Busbars support the high voltage requirements of contemporary electric vehicles, not only the battery unit itself but also elsewhere in the system.