Our Competences

Innovative solutions and prototyping


Intercable Automotive Solutions has the resources to prototype and test its designs in-house. Our mechanical engineering department ensures a superior level of quality, maintained through rigorous and continuous quality control.



IAS products are created at our high-tech laboratories, symbolising our commitment to excellence and innovation. Engineers develop new ideas that are tried and tested in-house to prove the performance and reliability of our products.
IAS laboratories play a crucial role in prototype development enabling us to set new standards, helping to support our competitive advantage in the EV industry.


Volume Customization

Intercable Automotive Solutions manages to combine industrial efficiency and precision with economies of scale, remaining focussed on every detail. Our cutting edge technologies deliver customized solutions that match and often exceed client specifications, while managing costs and optimizing turnaround times.


Optimal Quality aimed at zero-defect manufacturing

With its long-standing commitment to excellence in e-mobility, Intercable Automotive Solutions aims for zero-defect. We manufacture premium quality products while meeting the highest environmental standards.


Industry 5.0 - Automation

Automation at Intercable Automotive Solutions EV is state-of-the-art. Thanks to the deployment of advanced systems and robotic manufacturing technology our production line is streamlined, ensuring the flawless quality of our products while allowing increased output. Our sophisticated systems enhance efficiency, providing flexible, customized solutions capable of even exceeding client requirements.


Environmental Sustainability

Through the development of innovative technologies coupled with the implementation of highly efficient manufacturing practices and sustainable practices, Intercable Automotive Solutions manages resources responsibly while keeping the needs of future generations in mind. Join us on our journey to a sustainable future, where innovation and environmental responsibility work in seamless synergy.