Intercable Automotive Solutions

A Success Story

What we stand for: Values & objectives

At Intercable Automotive Solutions we value efficiency, reliability, and commitment to an environmentally friendly world. These hallmarks are integral to our innovative R&D and manufacturing ethos. As a leading electric vehicle busbar supplier, Intercable Automotive Solutions recognizes the importance of developing environmentally friendly solutions to electromobility-related challenges.


Global leaders in high-voltage busbar technology for the automotive market.



Supporting the sustainable energy transition through eco-friendly and efficient mobility solutions, by leveraging innovation, speed, quality and cost awareness.


With proud, humbleness and enthusiasm we identify us with our work and corporate vision and mission.

Team Work

One Team means for us, being together for achieving more!


We’re open to new ideas, ready to take on all kinds of challenges. We set clear objectives while remaining focussed on delivering value to our customers, even as new and innovative products come onto the market.

High Performance

We act customer value oriented. We
pursue smart goals and consistently
produce facts. We avoid unnecessary
complexity. We never give up! The more the mission is hard, the more we commit.

Central EU
46°48’03.6″N 11°55’44.4″E
  • Global Headquarters
  • Global R&D technology center
  • Global Advanced Quality Engineering
  • Flex-Factory (from small series to large-scale production volumes)
  • Maximum vertical integration (all technologies in place for R&D and Prototyping)
40.000 m²
Eastern EU
48°31’48.0″N 19°26’02.4″E
  • Eastern EU production plant
  • Specialized in the production of busbars and high voltage connection systems
  • Medium- and large-scale production volumes
14.000 m²
29°57’10.8″N 121°28’40.8″E
  • Asian production plant
  • R&D technology center for Asia
  • Flex-Factory (from small series to large-scale production volumes)
9.000 m²
25°26′0″N 101°0′0″W
  • Production plant with a specialization in production of busbar and hight voltage connection systems
  • Medium and high volumes
16.000 m²

Our employees

At Intercable Automotive Solutions, the well-being and health of our employees is crucial to us. Our work environment is characterized by a strong sense of esprit de corps, cooperation, respect, and mutual support. We not only offer attractive working conditions to our employees, but also extensive opportunities for professional training and further development.


The Intercable Automotive Solutions Academy offers employees the opportunity to develop professionally while enhancing individual career prospects.


Thanks to the regular staff interchange at workstations as well as other measures, manual and physically demanding tasks are rendered more varied and interesting. All our employees have use of a central canteen offering health-conscious, regionally sourced quality foods.

Global and regional Markets

Our international operations involve local communities. At our company sites across three continents we seek to optimize our global logistics, while promoting socially responsible practices. As a family owned company we started small and have expanded steadily over the years. We evolved beyond, thanks to the partnership with Aptiv.


At Intercable Automotive Solutions we seek to combine innovation with responsibility bringing together technology, sustainability and social responsibility in order to make a positive contribution to the common good. We customize busbars, fuseboxes and extensive connection solutions to meet our customers' individual needs and manufacture everything in-house.

Environmental Sustainability

Intercable Automotive Solutions has long been committed to the principles of sustainable development, reconciling economic growth with ecological and social responsibility.
As one of our key goals, sustainability is central to everything we do, helping to manage natural resources responsibly. Join us on our journey, where innovation and responsible manufacturing practices come together for a better tomorrow.
As a continuing evolving enterprise, Intercable Automotive Solutions is committed to the principles of responsible sustainability in the financial, ecological, and social spheres.
Precious natural resources also need to be conserved for future generations.


Our experienced management team is focused on constantly delivering value to our clients. The organigram illustrates our corporate structure including the composition of our management team and the individual departments comprising our organization.

The responsibilities and organizational structure in our company are fully transparent, facilitating contacts with the various departments.

Leadership Team

Intercable Automotive Solutions Executive Team

Klaus Mutschlechner

Founder, Co-Owner, BU President

Klaus Mutschlechner is founder, co-owner and BU President of Intercable Automotive Solutions. Over the past 35 years, Klaus has actively contributed together with his father Herbert (founder of the Group in 1972, passed away in 2019) and his brother Kurt, to the development of the diversified Intercable Business Group. For the past 10 years Klaus has been especially dedicated to the development of the Branch and Technology Intercable Automotive Solutions. Driven by a passion for technology, Klaus Mutschlechner began working with assembly of electrical products and development of first insulated tools as a teenager, assisting his father during the summer months. As a mechanical engineering student, Klaus had to interrupt his studies to help his father and the family business, which was going through a period of crisis. In his early twenties, Klaus took over the leadership of the company's technical department and contributed to the development of the product and technology portfolio of the Tools and Automotive divisions. In addition, Klaus is  President of the Automotive Network South Tyrol (Open Innovation Hub founded by 5 of the primary Automotive Supplier of the Region) and Vice President of the Regional Industrial Association (Responsible for the Innovation Strategy).

Hannes Prenn

Managing Director

Hannes Prenn is Managing Director of Intercable Automotive Solutions and has joined the company in September 2023.
Hannes started his career in 1996 at GKN Automotive, a leading Automotive Tier 1 Drivetrain manufacturer and technology leader,  as an application engineer. From there he changed to several different leadership positions within GKN. In 2018 Hannes became President and COO of the GKN ePowertrain business and under his leadership, the eDrive business has tripled its size. Within GKN he held also several board positions, one of which was also in China with GKN's joint Venture partner Hasco.
In 2021 Hannes moved to Marelli as Chief Executive Officer for its ePowertain divison. Marelli is a leading Tier 1 supplier for eDrive systems and power electronics in the Automotive world and Hannes joined right after the the two businesses of  Calsonic Kansei (former Nissan company) and Magneti Marelli (former FCA company) joined forces to become Marelli - Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. An important milestone was the set up of a Joint Venture with Punch Powerglide in Strasbourg, Marelli Strasbourg ePowertrain, where he also held the position of Chairman of the board as well as several major business wins, such as eAxles and Battery Management Systems.
Hannes has a diploma of Mechnical Engineering from the Istituto Tecnico Industriale Brunico.

Vittorio Franzellin

Board Member, Global Strategist, Head of M&A

Vittorio Franzellin is Board member and Global Strategist and Head of M&A of all Intercable Group companies since 2013. After completing his Engineering Studies in 2003 (Degree cum Laude in Management Engineering at the University of Parma, Italy), Vittorio successfully started his career in management consulting, gathering managerial roles and experiences as director and strategist with increasing responsibility in several highly diversified family-owned industrial groups (from confectionary to automotive, from green-tech to logistics and wholesale). Since 2009 he is also Contract Professor / Lecturer in the Dual Study Program Manager of the Engineering Faculty at the University of Bolzano.

Alberto Giacometti

Head of Global Sales

As Head of Global Sales at Intercable since 2020, Alberto oversees strategic sales initiatives worldwide. With a Master's in Engineering from the University of Trento (Italy) and the Technical University of Munich (Germany), complemented by an MBA at the CUOA Foundation in Vicenza (Italy) in partnership with the Dearborn University of Michigan (USA), he navigated diverse roles in automotive. Alberto's career started at hofer powertrain, which specializes in powertrain development for leading automotive brands across Europe, North America, and Asia, where he worked on various powertrain types including automatic transmissions, dual-clutch transmissions, electric powertrains, and hybrids. 
He later transitioned to Autotest GmbH, a leading supplier of complex plastic and hybrid components for the automotive market and part of the Aton GmbH. Progressing from engineering to project management, departmental leadership, and ultimately sales management, Alberto honed a versatile skill set to drive business growth and foster client relationships.

Axel Mueller


Axel Mueller has been CFO at Intercable Automotive Solutions since 2022 and is responsible for Finance, Controlling and IT. Before joining the Intercable Group, he worked for various major automotive suppliers, family businesses and large listed companies. He was CEO of the Western European activities of NIFCO Inc. (listed Japanese automotive supplier), CEO of Transporter Industry International GmbH, CFO of MöllerGroup GmbH & Co. KG, SVP Finance at KÖGEL Fahrzeugwerke AG and tool designer at LÄPPLE Umformtechnik. Axel Mueller studied metallurgy at Clausthal University of Technology, graduating with a diploma and doctorate, and also studied business administration at the universities of Mannheim and Saarbrücken, graduating with a diploma. 

Florian Niedermayr


Florian Niedemayr has been responsible for product and process development at Intercable Automotive Solutions as CTO since 2020.
Florian began his career in the scientific field. He researched the compatibility of electromagnetic radiation for several years while at the Technical University of Graz . 
Following this responsibility, he helped set up the automation division as a research assistant at Fraunhofer Italia. Florian got in contact with Intercable through this activity. Since 2016, as Head of Industrial Engineering, he has been responsible for the industrialization of all projects. 
At the end of 2020, Florian took over overall responsibility for the technical area as CTO.
Florian completed a degree in electrical engineering with a diploma and doctorate at the Graz University of Technology.

Kurt Gatterer


Kurt Gatterer joined Intercable Automotive Solutions in 2024 as COO, responsible for operations in Bruneck (Italy), Krivan (Slovakia), Ningbo (China) and Saltillo (Mexico). Kurt began his career in 1988 as a process engineer for hardening technology at GKN Automotive, a leading automotive supplier. 
Kurt has been factory manager in Brunico and in Florence. After his time as factory manager, Kurt held various responsibilities in global operations and global manufacturing engineering. Kurt has technical training in mechanical engineering.

Chiara Loss

Global HR Director

Chiara joined Intercable Automotive Solutions in June 2024 as Global HR Director. Before joining IAS, Chiara was Head of HR Europe and Americas at CMR Surgical, a global medical devices company.  Prior to that, Chiara covered roles of increasing responsibilities at Amplifon Group, a global leader in the hearing care industry, where she was finally appointed as Head of HR UK and Ireland, and at Luxottica Group, a global leader in the eyewear industry, where she served in several generalist and specialist HR roles across different geographies. 
Chiara has a Bachelor's and a Master's Degree cum laude in International Management from the Catholic University in Milan, a Master of Business Administration from the Polytechnic of Milan - Graduate School of Management, and a Master's Degree in Psychology from Northumbria University in Newcastle.

Olivier Chow

General Manager China

Olivier Chow is General Manager of Intercable Automotive Solutions China since 2019, he contributed to the development of the Chinese subsidiary since 2017. Olivier has held various management positions in the chemical, paper, and crystal industries in France and China.
His main achievements include reorganizing supply chains and setting up greenfield plants in China and in Europe. Olivier is a mechanical engineer, graduated from Université de Technologie de Compiègne (France)

Italo Petitti

Head of Strategy, Transformation and Staff

Italo Petitti joined the Intercable group in 2021 and currently holds  the position of Head of Strategy, Transformation and Staff at Intercable Automotive Solutions. 
Prior to this, he held the position of Global Head of Operational Excellence, where he enabled a standardization of the Lean approach across plants, as well as supervising critical cross-plants projects and cooperation.
Prior to Intercable, Italo Petitti has been VP of Business Transformation and Improvement  in GKN ePowertrain business unit, spent 5 years in McKinsey & Company as an Operations Consultant and Manager supporting several Clients from diverse industries across Europe, and worked for nearly 10 years in Toyota Motor Europe in the Belgian HQ and R&D center,  covering different responsibilities in the Chassis Division.
Italo holds a Master Degree in Aerospace Engineering (cum laude) from Polytechnic of Turin.