APRIL 28, 2023

As a new part of Aptiv we got the opportunity to connect with our colleagues in person and to show them, who we are and what we can do.

The IAS Roadshow is a touring exhibition travelling through some technology centers of Aptiv: Poland, the United States and China. The aim is to give an insight into our origins, to introduce our departments and processes, to exhibit our most innovative products and to lead the way on how Intercable Automotive Solutions joining forces with Aptiv will enable us to bring our advanced products and technologies to customers around the world.

At the first roadshow, held in Kraków, our Polish Aptiv colleagues could gain a deeper understanding of our innovative solutions through a specially designed car model made of Styrofoam, on which we can project multiple animations of our busbars in real life applications.
The highlight of the IAS Roadshow was the variety of the exhibited Intercable Automotive Solutions products. Our Aptiv colleagues were downright amazed by the vast range of products. Another highlight was our traditional South Tyrolian catering with regional products.

We look forward to seeing more of the Aptiv world in the upcoming roadshows.