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New Automotive business units as of October 1, 2022

News Intercable Business Units

Due to the large growth in the automotive sector, especially in the e-mobility sector, we have decided to split the Intercable Automotive division into two independent legal entities as follows:  

Intercable Automotive Solutions: newly founded as Intercable Automotive Solutions S.r.l. and covers the product and technology area of e-mobility and connection technology, i.e., high-voltage busbars, fuse boxes and other high-voltage current connections. 

Intercable: includes the historical automotive core area of cable protection systems, battery clamps and cable lugs. The company Intercable remains as the current Intercable S.r.l. 

The headquarters of both companies remain at the current location in Brunico, Italy.  

This separation will also be considered on our website and some adjustments will follow accordingly in the next months.